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A recent Yoga Journal article reports research supporting yoga's positive health benefits. 

Listen to Emily speak with Chris Lenois on Green Mountain Morning radio show, WKTV 92.7 about therapeutic yoga and its healing properties.  

The word "yoga" means "union".  This ancient healing practice of Yoga draws our attention inward, through mindful breathing (pranayama) and attention to our body through asana (the poses of yoga).  Through the integrative, therapeutically based practice at healixyoga, students will find a new sense of space and ease of being.  The classes guided safely by certified yoga instructor Emily Wiadro will provide opportunity for you to find yourself with:

Improved posture and balance
Increased body awareness and strength
Improved concentration and restful sleep
Greater flexibility and better range of motion
Better overall health, energy and vitality
Natural weight loss
Lower levels of chronic stress and pain

Perhaps you've been afraid to attend a yoga class, but you are curious. The safe therapeutic practice offered at healixyoga may be the answer..