As a life long dancer, Emily Wiadro came to yoga around the turn of the century through a dear friend.  With her decades of body awareness, the practice of yoga came naturally to Emily, resulting in vast personal transformation over the course of the following years and into the present.  Her passion began as she instructed her first yoga practices for her friends in a gazebo at the end of a pier in Jamaica, 2002.  Shortly afterwards, Emily acquired her 200 hour teacher training through Lotus Gardens Yoga in CT. After moving to Brattleboro in 2007, Emily began her yoga therapy training with Joseph and Lillian Le Page of Integrative Yoga Therapy. Through IYT, Emily studied 500 hours becoming educated by the many tools available through the science of yoga for healing body, mind and soul.  Over the course of the past 7 years, she has created a truly therapeutic practice which her students find safe, supportive, and healing.  Emily's passion for sharing the magic of yoga is second only to her commitment to her newly blended family of five teenagers with Walter.