Teen Snack Yack 'n Yoga

There is no better time to be introduced to yoga than during adolescence.  Emily would be honored to offer some time for the local students to join me in some tea and a healthy after school snack while we discuss life and yoga.  If a group of teens were interested in making this happen, the time spent together would look include about 30 minutes of down time and a simple yoga practice together, (exploring all aspects of asana, pranayama, and even mudras)  An understanding of the tools of yoga can be most empowering to our young adults as they muscle through the teen years.  At this time, the class is not meeting due to lack of interest.  Please contact me if you or your teen are interested, emilywiadro@me.com.

Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing

Sundays: June 25th and July 23rd



Local Gong specialist Stephan Brandstatter will join us for a series of Sunday afternoon restorative meditation practices.  Emily will provide a brief and gentle yoga warm up to preparethe body for a series of three 15-minute meditation sequences in a variety of restorative poses while Stephan fills our sacred space with the positive vibrations of sound. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

Class cards and the regular drop in fee will be honored for this workshop.  Donations will be humbly and graciously accepted for our gong specialist, Stephan.  Space is limited, so please let me know if you intend to join us.  

Percussionist, gong specialist and longtime sound healing practitioner, Stephan Brandstatter will be offering his monthly Gong Bath (Immersion & Sound Healing at the healixyoga studio at 452 So. Main St., Brattleboro, Vt. on Monday, May 1, 2017 from 6:30-7:30PM. Please arrive at least 5-15 minutes early. Starting promptly at 6:30, there will be two 21 minute immersions with a brief break in between for stretching, reflection, discussion, refreshment etc. Mats, pillows, cushions, cushioned bricks, blankets and eye covers are all supplied. Bring water or a liquid if you need. Anyone interested in experiencing the soothing, relaxing and healing vibrations is invited to attend this session, which Stephan refers to as the “Spirit, Energy & Power of the Gong”. In the words of a recent attendee, the experience is “A Sonic Massage”. There will be a sign up sheet with information regarding future session dates as well as an informative handout describing the spiritual and healing nature of the Gong throughout its 5,000 year history. Suggested Donation is $10-$20. Space is Limited. Contact Stephan directly at getmusic@sover.net to reserve a space or with any questions. 



Therapeutic Yoga for All

This 75 minute therapeutic yoga class begins with a gentle warm up focusing on loosening up the joints and connecting to our breath. We continue through a series of strengthening poses, sprinkled with opportunities to improve balance and flexibility. Finally, the practice concludes with a series of restorative poses and guided meditation. You are sure to float out the door with the newfound space and energy you will feel. Bring your body with all of its challenges; Emily is an expert at modifying and making every pose safe and accessible. NO yoga experience necessary.


Vinyasa style yoga combines a series of flowing postures with rhythmic breathing for an intense body-mind workout. Vinyasa, which means breathing and movement, is for internal cleansing. Each movement is accompanied by one breath. The vinyasa practice flows through warm ups, salutations, standing series, seated asana, inversions, and there's always time for ample restorative sivasana (final relaxation). The class is appropriate for ALL ranges of yoga experience.